Annual Outback Membership Renewal

It's the time for the renewal of your Annual Outback Membership.  

The past year has been full of time, struggle and patience to provide the best value of connections and resources for you as an investor to accomplish your goals. 

There have been experiments on different types of events, topics and opportunities to learn that have given Coach Collard and I a lot of insight on the best ways to help you have everything or almost everything you need in the Outback to find success in acquiring the properties you seek both here in Las Vegas and out of state.

This upcoming year for you in the Outback is going to top everything that Coach and I put together over the last seven years and we can't wait to continue the journey along with you.

As a renewed member, you are going to experience the new strategic relationships that have been created that will make it easier for both finding the properties you WANT and finding the capital you NEED!  Only annual members get the chance to try out new exclusive opportunities before anyone else!

All your existing benefits from last year will remain in place including access to the Outback Fundamentals course which is no longer being included for new members.  

If you have any questions at all; don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime!

Let's take the next 12 months of your investing to the next level!  

Chose to the right whether to renew as a SINGLE investor or as PARTNERS/COUPLES investors.

Reach out ot me if you have any questions at all (702-518-3652).


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