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Welcome to the Outback!

For real estate investors, the Outback is a “solutions at all cost” mentality that is fed by proper mindset and real estate fundamentals. It allows for creative solutions to acquire real estate outside of traditional “inside the box” way of thinking that has been brainwashed into us by the banks and society as a whole. With the proper mindset and fundamentals, over time one can acquire enough real estate, with little to none of their own money, to build a large portfolio that can provide one with financial independence. Every monthly meeting will cover mindset & fundamental technical lessons, along with the opportunity to network with other local investors. Come with an open mind to learn more about what’s possible in the Outback.

Check out the following testimonial from one of our members:

“It’s been a short two months since I joined the Outback, these are also the most influential and high impact two months. Coach and Jon don’t just teach real estate, they teach LIFE! They mentor us to see our personality traits, to see decades of ingrained habits and thoughts that inhibit our growth, and then teach us how to achieve breakthroughs in both mind and action. With their guidance, we can become smarter RE investors and the best version of ourselves that starts with authenticity!” – Tiffany Cui, Las Vegas, NV


Go here to learn about the Original Las Vegas Outback Team, as well as the San Diego and Charlotte Teams. 


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