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We're taking ALL your "BS" money excuses away!!!!

The Folks at the Outback have been yelling from the hilltops for years that "All the money in the world is available FOR YOU to invest in real estate with!"

Well...they put our money their where our mouth is and bring these resources for capital directly to you! WE ARE GOING TO TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY EXCUSES AWAY!!!!!!!

The Outback Capital Funding Summit is coming on Aug 4th & 5th (Sat & Sun) at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. It will be two days of both learning AND the opportunity for investors to start the process to get capital for their investments!

there will be lessons shared on:

• The 5 funding needs of an Investor

• Raising Private Money

• Obtaining Unsecured Business Lines of Credit (easier to get than you think)

• Taking the fear out of Hard Money

• Ernest Money Deposit Funding (YES...that is a real thing!)

• Understanding how to use bridge loans

• Understanding, Fixing & Optimizing your credit score

• Creative finance to enhance deals

• And much, much more!

You will also have the opportunity to start the process of raising the funding for your own business right there during the Summit!



The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

The Capital Funding Summit is being held at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino just a few minutes from the Strip. For reserve a room for your stay at the summit click the picture below.

Event Sponsors

Thanks to the following sponsors who help make the Capital Funding Summit possible!



  • General Registration - $297 per ticket  /  $397 with Guest
  • VIP Registration - $397 per ticket  /  $497 with Guest

NOTE:  Annual Outback Members have a general registration tickets included as a benefit of their membership.  If an annual member wants a VIP registration ticket; the charge is $100.  CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR TICKET(S) AS AN ANNUAL MEMBER!!!!


Don't miss this opportunity to discover ALL the funding that is available you as an investor to take your portfolio to the next level!


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